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Baby's 1st Year  Baby's First Year Shadowbox

Capture your baby growing up by showcasing their growth with newborn, 6 month and 12 month hand and foot castings
1 Baby Hand and Foot Casting Kit
1 Child Hand Casting Kit
1 Baby Foot Casting Kit
2 Refill Kits
Shadowbox sold separately


Wedding Hands Wedding Hands

Make one day last a lifetime. Husband and Wife hand casting taken on their wedding day.

Multi-Purpose Casting Kit
Birth Announcement Baby's Birth Announcement

Make your birth announcement print extra special by including your baby's newborn hand and foot castings.

Baby Hand and Foot Casting Kit
Shadowbox sold separately
Baby Feet

Simple Shadowbox

A simple and stylish way to showcase your baby's castings

Baby Hand and Foot Casting Kit

Ornaments Ornaments

Our ornament kit can be used to make ornaments of many different shapes.

Makes a great Christmas gift for the family!

Hanging Keepsake Kit
Pet Impression Family Pet Impression

These kits aren't just for babies. Use our impression kit to treasure the memory of your beloved family pet

To make a frame to hold a photo, reserve some of the impression material, roll it and cut out the desired shape. After the paw is impressed, place the shape onto the impression and press down gently around the edges to work out air bubbles.

Impression Kit